Heely’s Review:Leave them to the Kids

Last month we were contacted to try out a pair of Heely’s. You have probably seen kids zipping around the stores or around town with these. Basically it’s a shoe that contains a removable roller skate wheel in each heel. The shoes can be worn like normal shoes or the wheel can be inserted. Ordering from the Heely’s website was a breeze and they have a huge selection of styles and sizes. They do have many adult sizes but as the sizes go up the choices seem to go down(Dale wears a size 13 shoe and there were very few choices for him). I chose the Wave style #7751 because I wanted something simple that can be worn with anything:

I received the Heely’s and in the box you get the following:

  • The Shoes
  • Two Wheels
  • Heel Plug Removal Tool
  • Instructions

When I got the shoes I was a bit apprehensive about the wheels so I decided just to try the shoes out. Overall the shoes are very comfortable. They look great and feel great. I did notice that the heel is stiffer than a regular tennis or skate shoe but I believe this is due to the wheel holder. The heel has a hard plastic plug that is removed when inserting the wheels. I read up on the instuctions on how to use the Heely’s with the wheels( it can be found HERE) and decided to give it a go. As a kid I roller skated, but I have to say the Heely experience is much different. First of all I never really felt able to stand properly on the Heely’s with the wheels in.You are supposed to push off with one foot and coast on your heel with the other but I honestly never really saw the purpose of this. You see video of kids jumping and skating all around but as a women over 30, while I can see the aerobic benefit of pushing off with each step, once you get to where you are going it’s not easy walking with the wheels in.

The wheels do go in easy and come out easy with just a snap. I was really excited to try out heel’s and I can see on the right person they would be fun but for me I’m just enjoying having a new pair of shoes and am going to get where I am going on my own power.


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